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American Natural Resources Inc. is a family owned and operated full service Taxidermy studio. Located in North West Indiana, forty minutes from downtown Chicago.


American Natural Resrouces has been providing top quality workmanship to sports enthusiants since 1937. We proudly carry a life-time guarante with all our work. Because we use only the finest materials available for our craft, and because we use only the premier tanners in the country, our work is second to none. The best quality leather tan we can possibly give you in a mount, combined with our skillful expertise assures you that your trophy will last generations.


Our turn-around time will reflect the craftsmanship of our products,; 6-8 months for most tanned mounts leaves you with the quality that is well worth the way!


Our History

American Natural Resources History

Edward A Leep, “Louie”, started taxidermy in Highland, Indiana on Lincoln Street in 1937.  This was a part-time business as his main living was being the back bone and original starter of the Pleasant View Dairy in Highland as well.  He took taxidermy lessons from Louis Scheer, a very well known taxidermist from Chicago.

His shop was a shed in the backyard where he would mount birds and mammals, large and small, for the local sportsmen.  Louie had six sons and one daughter.  His son, Edward E Leep, was around the shed helping with various jobs at a young age.  His love of nature and the outdoors, along with the artistic skill furthered him to spend his free time working in the shed.


Louie, as he was known, was a great man whose life was cut short at age 57.  He passed away while deer hunting in Michigan.

His son, Edward E Leep, was in a position to pickup the work that was undone of his father in 1964, when he passed away.  In 1968, Edward started the taxidermy business full time behind his home in Schererville, Indiana, and Leep’s Taxidermy was moving forward.


He continued to grow the business and in 1984 opened a retail store in the Lincoln Ridge Plaza Mall on US Route 30 in Schererville.  There the taxidermy shop was showcased and combined with a fur coat salon, print and framing service, and unique gifts.  This is when Leep’s Taxidermy changed to our current name of American Natural Resources.  As it grew it was clear, it was time to expand again.  


In 1991, American Natural Resources moved to 128 North Broad Street in Griffith, Indiana.  Edward A Leep, Jr., started in the business in 1988 and was a full time taxidermist in 1992.  Since then we have been moving forward in Griffith.  In 2000, we needed to expand again as our antler chandelier and wholesale taxidermy business grew.  We moved two doors south to 120 North Broad Street in April of 2001.  

We have continued moving forward, and in 2007 we expanded our current location to incorporate 124 North Broad Street.  This has allowed us to expand our work space as well as freezer and storage capacity as well as a larger retail furniture area.


As it was in 1937 it is today.  Almost 75 years later, the love of custom taxidermy was, is, and will always be the foundation of who we are:  a family-owned business supporting a community of nature enthusiasts and sportsmen, preserving nature for generations to come.

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