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8 Light Real Whitetail Oval Antler Chandelier

$3,050.00 Regular Price
$2,195.00Sale Price
  • This chandelier is made up of 16 Real Whitetail shed deer antlers. 

    The design of this piece is oval shaped (42 x 28"), with 2 tiers of lights.

    Adds amazing depth to any room, table, or gaming setup.

    Dimensions are 42" wide 28" tall and 24" deep

    It Features:

    ---8- 75 watt rated LED compatible candleabra sized lights.

    ---10 feet of wire 

    ---6 feet of chain

    ---snap plug for easy adding or removal of excess wire, or to simply add or remove chain.

    ---UL approved internal wiring

    Antique brass chain is included, if requested, it can be replaced with black chain.


    Free Shipping

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