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Welcome to American Natural Resources

American Natural Resources Inc. is a family owned and operated full service Taxidermy & rustic furniture / home decor studio.  Located in Northwest Indiana, forty minutes from downtown Chicago.


Since first established in 1937, we have been providing top quality workmanship for sports enthusiasts, art collectors and home decorators all over the country.  We proudly carry a life-time guarantee with all our work.  From the very beginning, we use only the finest natural materials available for our crafts & artworks. 

Our taxidermy service uses only the premier tanners in the country, our work is second to none.  The best quality leather tan we can possibly give you in a mount, combined with our skillful expertise assures you that your trophy will last generations.


Our turn-around time will reflect the craftsmanship of our products, 6-8 months for most tanned mounts leaves you with the quality that is well worth the wait!

All our hand-crafted furniture and home decor products also use the highest grade, most authentic barn wood lumber, or natural materials found in the country.

We invite you to see everything we offer, including hard to find antiques and fine artwork and prints, in our short video seen below.

Thanks for the visit and feel free to call or write us any time for answers to all your questions or comments.  Edward Leep

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