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Noah's Ark --2 Raccoons 1 Red Fox Taxidermy

$2,240.00 Regular Price
$1,695.00Sale Price
  • We are selling what we call a Noah's Ark.

    It is a name we have given when 3 or more animals are placed in a birch bark canoe.

    This one has 2 Raccoons and 1 Red Fox

    These can be custom made any way and size requested, the price is our price per animal then 200$ extra for the canoe itself.

    This canoe measures 34" long and the fox is the tallest at 26" high

    (pricing example here is $382 x 2 for raccoons and $742 for fox and $200 for canoe


    The item pictured was created in our taxidermy studio this year.


    Free Shipping

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